4 American flag USA United States black & chrome "striated" antitheft valve caps


These valve caps are fitted with an anti-theft system, there is therefore no more risk of leaving your valves without protection. Unlike some of our competitors, the screws used are in stainless steel and will not rust due to the rain, thus preventing removal. An Allen key is supplied with the valve caps, installation does not require any additional tools.

Extra valve caps can be added for an additional 2€ per cap (there won't be any extra cost on shipping), please contact us.

Shaped out of a single block, in an stainless aluminum alloy, these valve caps can not rust or tarnish over time (unlike some poor quality caps that oxidize and stick onto the valve). We recommend you to lubricate the valve before fixing them, to make it easier to remove if necessary.

These valve caps can be fitted on all wheel rims of cars, motorcycles, scooters, quads, trikes... They contain a seal for optimum protection of the valve and to maintain proper tire pressure. Logos are supplied separately, you will have to stick them before assembly.